Submission Guidelines

Supplemental Applications & Process

Thank you for your interest in the PREFERRED CLUB, the leading insurance program for golf and country clubs throughout the United States.

Our supplemental applications are continuously updated for two important reasons:

  1. To remain current on new exposures; and more importantly,
  2. To keep the submission process running as smoothly as possible for you

While our application format contains many attachments, you or your insured need only to complete those attachments that pertain to the club.

We still expect to receive the Package AND Herbicide-Pesticide Supplemental applications completed and returned for each submission we receive. If the club has additional exposures captured in a separate application on this page, we will also need that completed and signed as part of the submission. If your client currently purchases full pollution, a separate application will be required.

In order for a submission to be considered complete and eligible to be logged into our system, we require the following:

  • Completed and signed ACORD application(s)
  • Preferred Club’s supplemental applications as outlined above
  • Currently valued financials (especially when we are being asked to quote the D&O/EPLI)
  • Currently valued carrier loss runs for all lines being submitted

With this information, we have the majority of the data we require to provide you and your client with a competitive and comprehensive quote. While we may still request additional information, those requests should be fewer and far less time consuming than in the past making your PREFERRED CLUB submission experience efficient for you and your clients.

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